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Frontier Excavating Services

A multi-talented mini excavator specialists and garden services company in the residential and commercial industry.


Mini Excavating & Mini Loader Services

The mini excavator and mini loader specialists who can work in the most confined spaces. We are great at excavating and leveling.


Garden Landscaping Services

Are you thinking of renovating your outdoor areas? We’ll help bring your ideas into reality.


Backyard Decking Services

Do you need decking services?  Our skills and knowledge include decking, alfresco,  poolsides decking and backyard porches.


Drainage & Trenching

We will work with plumbers, electricians and home owners to lay the foundation for drainage and any pipes. Call the mini excavator specialists for the job.


Garden Retaining Walls, Beds & Screens

Expert knowledge is required when laying the foundation for retaining walls. The mini excavator specialist will be able to help you out here.

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Gardening & Maintenance Services

Frontier Excavating Group handles all sorts of Garden Maintenance Services. Cleaning, laying new turf and others.

Professional Mini Excavator & Mini Loader Specialists

We are professional mini excavator & loader operators. Our machines are mini and suitable for small, confined worksites, and smaller jobs, such as backyard work or renovations that don’t require heavy machinery.

We are garden services company providing high quality work with affordable prices. We offer great support to all projects. Our expertise and knowledge in the services we offer is of great value for the investment you would put into your home garden and landscaping projects. Get more than your moneys worth for the work we do. 

Call us when you need a mini-excavator and mini-loader specialist operator to do the hard work.

Frontier Excavating Group

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