Frequently Asked Questions

We cover all of Melbourne Suburbs and nearby townships.

Our services are varied and every job is different. No two jobs are the same.

We can provide an accurate price quote after a visual inspection of the job or the location.

Please call our main number to arrange an appointment and let us know what your project requirements are.

Yes, we work with home owners and other property orgaisations to provide our professional landscaping, gardening and excavating services.

More information about our services.

Yes, as an excavating & landscaping company we have full public liability insurance. However, it is your responsibility to notify us of any risks  or concerns at the job location.

Yes, we have a service fee for any type of job. A job can be as short as a few hours and as long as weeks.

Each job is unique and will require a customised quotation.

Call us today and speak with out operators to make an appointment  you regarding your project requirements.

We get that asked a lot. It is very hard to put a label on a backyard project. 

In any regard we can help you, just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we’ll let you know if we can can help out or refer you to one of our recommended partners who will surely be able to help out.

Absolutely! We are happy to talk with you and offer our expertise.

Whatever it is you have planned on doing we are so sure we can help you with your project.

We are flexible and work around project requirements and are used to long weeks! So, if there’s work will stay and complete the job till late.

There are set rules here in Australia at which times you can operate machinery, but we do work weekends too.

There are many factors that determine the scope of a project. Every job is different and requires different amount of time and work. Sometimes a quick inspection is the best form of accurately providing the right costs.

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The most common questions our customers have inquired that are related to our services.

If you need more information please fill-out our online form or call us today and speak with our excavation and landscaping operators.

Call us if you have any questions!

We do our best to provide the most asked questions here. If you have a question that isn’t answered above then contact us and we’ll respond promptly to your inquiry.