Decking, Pergolas & Patios

Decking Experts

Decks have a special place in a home or a building. Decking is a delicate job that needs an expert with a keen eye, a calculative mind to prepare, a designers mind to draw it up and a builder mind to picture it and build it to perfection.

Do you need a professional decking expert to build ytou your decks, pergolas or patios?

Here at Frontier Excavating Group we provide the best service to give you your desired outcome.


Professional, Courteous and personal attention to workmanship


We do the lot

  • Dig and prepare the perfect area.
  • Insure the footings, holes and other required fittings are perfectly aligned.
  • Design the deck, pergola or patio and generate a schematic on paper with project details.
  • Finally build the perfect deck, pergola or patio that will last you a long time to come.

You'll always get our best possible workmanship!

Frontier Excavating Group are experienced operators providing many services in the excavating, trench digging, drainage laying, pergolas, patios, landscaping, land clearing and leveling for residential and commercial projects.