Drainage & Trenching

Frontier Excavating works with home owners, plumbers, electricians and builders, providing support for digging and preparing trenches for drain pipes, electrical conduits and any other system that may require a professional excavator to do the job correctly.

You should call us to work with you to complete your outside plumbing tasks that require more than just a shovel.

We will work with you to dig the trenches and ready it to your requirements and specifications.

Let us help you put drainage systems in place and restore the the ground as close to it’s original state as possible.


our excavator operators can work even in the tiniest of places


We do the lot

  • Come in and analyse the ground and the soil.
  • Dig and prepare the perfect area.
  • Insure the trench is perfect and to specifications.
  • Lay the required pipes in place.
  • Connect any required ends.
  • Carefully cover the pipes and/or conduits.
  • Clean up the top and cover as cleanly as possible.
  • Handover and finish the job!

You'll always get our best possible workmanship!

Frontier Excavating Group are experienced operators providing many services in the excavating, trench digging, drainage laying, pergolas, patios, landscaping, land clearing and leveling for residential and commercial projects. Call us for a friendly chat or use the contact form to get in touch. Tell us what you need done and we’ll do the rest.