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we are experts at gardening and We add the beauty back into gardens.

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Gardening Services Melbourne

Frontier Excavating Group have multi-skilled staff who professionals gardeners. We are experts at everything regarding gardens, parks, excavating, trees, plants, soil, mulching, cleaning, cutting & mowing, laying new turf, and the list just goes on.

You’ve just need to pick the phone and speak with us if you need gardening services. We love working on beautifying gardens, front yards, backyards, walk-ways, around the house, around buildings, and even park sides.

We come to you with eagerness to get our hands into the work. If you have a new home or need to renovate your existing garden, then the job requires a loving touch.  With skills in designing and building pergolas, backyard decks and alfresco helps us to create more awesome attractive backyards.

Skilled Gardening Professionals

No job too big or too small.

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Knowledge is a major ingredient for creating fantastic gardens. Knowing the elements, sun, rain, winds, plants, trees gives you the right skills to craft your art. Many things like these need to be taken into consideration before a job is undertaken.

It is important for the sake of the job that the operator understands proper gardening to get the work done in safety and with a great finishing touch.

Frontier Excavating Group love to work outdoors and Gardening is a major service area we cherish doing.

Whether it’s just a small job or working on the whol garden or yard that is the same to us. It’s a job! We love to help!

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Call on Frontier Excavating Group to have us come and work on your Gardens

  • yard Cleaning
  • Digging work
  • Soil, gravel and mulch spreading
  • landscape preparation
  • Driveway Cleanups
  • All backyard renovations
  • soil removal
  • Turf Laying
  • Fix Drainage Systems
  • post & stump hole drilling
  • Garden or Yard Leveling
  • Small Tree Removals
  • Removal of Garden Rubbish
  • Tidy Ups
  • MowinG and Trimming Services
  • Paving Preparations
  • Alfresco, Decking & Pathways
  • Garden Bedding and Garden Walls
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Does the ground need evening, or digging out some trees, or even new fencing then the job requires our excavating team to come in and help out. We are experts with our mini excavators. We are so good with out machines that we can take these mini excavators even into the narrowest of backyards to move, dig, spread or lay new soil or any other garden element.

Let's Energise Your Gardens!

  • Multi-skilled gardening professionals.
  • Landscaping and beautifying gardens.
  • Excellent customer service and flexibility to client gardening needs.
  • We provide high quality work.