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We are experts at creating rigid walls that are used for supporting uneven gardens, walkways, paths and many other applications.

It is important that a retaining wall be designed and built with the right foundation. All retaining walls require a compacted base to ensure strength and stability.

A good retaining wall requires a good foundation, correct back-fill and drainage.

With our mini excavator and mini loader machinery together with our expertise we can do lot more.



Retaining Wall Experts.

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REtaining Wall ProfessionalS

Retaining walls are perfect for producing a different look and feel environment for your garden when there are different levels in your yard.

It is important that you have a professional design and build your retaining wall. There are many aspects to building retaining walls.  Pressures at the base of the wall require special engineering to lower that pressure.

Reataining walls that are badly designed can in time become unstable and lead to overturning, sliding, excessive foundation pressure and water build-up.


RetAining Wall ContractorS

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  • Planning RetaiNIng Wall
  • Excavate and Create Trenches
  • RetAining Wall Material
  • Should Have a good foundation
  • Dig to correct delpth
  • Drainage Gravel usage
  • Using Concrete Stabilisers
  • Pipe for water drainage

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